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This is a community dedicated to free patterns. Please post your resources for everyone to share. This includes, but is not limited to: directions for making your own, tutorials, links to free online patterns/directions, etc. This does not mean scans of commercial, copyrighted patterns. Please respect copyright (all remove requests will be honored), and give credit where credit is due in tutorials and similar. Putting together a good tutorial is hard work, and a much appreciated effort. Please do not abuse the kindness that these people are doing.

Patterns of every style are encouraged, and it can be for clothes, accessories, stuffed animals, embroidery, etc.

Please stay on topic. This is not a cam-whore community, we don't want unrelated promotions, quizzes, etc. If you have a picture of a piece made from a free pattern, please post it, with what pattern you used, and any critiques of the process. Aside from the obvious-tutorials, links, etc. and pictures of garments made from them- on topic can include critique of patterns/directions/tutorials (constructive only), questions about them, requests for them (check the memories first), how to modify a pattern for fit or style, etc.

All large posts, text or picture, must be behind a cut. Read the FAQ if you aren't sure how to do this.

When posting, remember that I can only use 5 key words in putting it into the memories. I want EVERYTHING in the memories, so if you have a ton of unrelated stuff, multiple posts would be much appreciated so that things will be easy to find. Also, LJ now has tags! Please tag your post as appropriate so it's easier to find if it slips through the cracks in archiving!